Meet Nature's Leading Women!

Ngukurr (Northern Australia)

Aboriginal women hold particular knowledge that is vital to caring for country. Across the savannahs of northern Australia, we support the Ngukurr Yangbala Rangers. The Ngukurr community plans to start a Bush Campus, a two-way learning centre on Country. Read more here!

Fish River (Northern Australia)

The Fish River women are building on their program Labugunyin Falmi Rangers (Labugunyin Women Rangers). This is part of an important initiative to support more women on to Country. Through strengthening the women's ranger group, Fish River plans to create employment, preserve traditional knowledge, and pass knowledge onto the next generation. Read more here!

Papua New Guinea

The women leaders of Papua New Guinea have created Mangoro Market Meri (Mangrove Market Women). This new initiative combines local enterprises and international Blue Carbon efforts to support women to protect valuable mangroves and near-shore fisheries. In turn, this will encourage economic development, and ensure that families have more reliable food, year-round. Read more here!


The KAWAKI Women’s Network is made up of women from three communities in Solomon Islands. The women look after a special turtle nesting area called the Arnavon Islands. KAWAKI also plans to build the first women-run ecotourism venture in Solomon Islands. Read more here!


We are supporting women from Micronesia to come together, share ideas, and influence policy and local actions around climate change adaptation in their vulnerable island states. The women will create a network to exchange ideas and solutions to the most urgent issue of their time. Read more here!