The Nature Conservancy is proud to have hosted the first Nature's Leading Women cocktail celebration and presentation night

The event was held at the State Library of Queensland on Thursday 2 November 2017. After drinks and canapés, a crowd of 200 people moved into the auditorium of the State Library. There, more than 30 women leaders from the Pacific and northern Australia told stories, sung traditional songs, and proudly pitched their 'Big Idea' to the audience. The women had developed their idea over the week; an idea aimed to help solve urgent problems such as food security, climate change and economic empowerment.

The crowd laughed, cried and cheered. As one audience member wrote, “A fantastic evening, showcasing some amazing big ideas from some very inspiring women!”. Another wrote, "It was an absolutely fabulous event and really looking forward to hearing progress on these projects."

We are grateful to Ciara Denham for taking the gorgeous photos below.

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